Major Business Activities

e-Learning Business
From our corporate launch, at a time when the term “broadband” had yet to proliferate to any great degree, GIGAVISION moved forward as a pioneer, far outstripping its rivals at the frontlines of the educational video distribution business. In the field of “coursework instructional videos” targeting elementary and junior high school students, our products are widely utilized in preparatory school and regular school classrooms throughout Japan.
Original Media Development Business
Our video production and digitally processed editing technology has earned stellar marks in the industry. Moving through strategic tie-ups with publishers, teaching materials producers and other corporate partners, we promote our own independent educational information website planning and operation services. As an original media enterprise, meanwhile, GIGAVISION also operates university information websites designed to serve the key needs of high school students.
International Business
Today, the world of education is also moving into an increasingly borderless era. Outstanding overseas education is imported to Japan. Teaching excellence available only in Japan is exported to overseas destinations. At GIGAVISION, we mobilize our creation of strong partnership with companies and organizations, in North America and Asia, in spearheading spirited programs of global development.
Sports Business
The physical, mental, strategic (planning), communication and other powers fostered through hope, joy, despair and the other strange and wonderful components of sports are rich in educational elements. Endeavoring to build an even stronger Japan for coming generation, we utilize exchanges with numerous different athletic related organizations to advance the quest for businesses capable of promoting fruitful human resource development.
Education CSR Business
GIGAVISION in an active player in educational programs through which companies dispatch employees to schools as instructors to provide “courses on demand,” visits to companies by children are arranged and other worthwhile efforts advanced. In this way, we furnish strong support for an environment geared to empower companies to take a hands-on approach, at the frontlines of education, to help cultivate the caliber of people whey will require in their own ranks in the future.
Production Business
We promote the production of video educational materials at our in-house studio “Clear”. This visual production expertise also extends to school PR videos shot by filming crews, television programs and other sophisticated efforts. Our expertise I n this genre likewise extends to the distribution of live images to NicoNico Live, USTREAM and other online distribution services, with the planning and production of both our own programs and those matched to the specific needs of customers earning high praise in the field.