e-ten Network

Unlimited Use of 4,800 Video Lectures at Set Monthly Rate ~ The Major Staple of Visual Teaching Materials!

“e-ten,” Japan’s first videotaped teaching materials mobilizing the Internet, is a product perfected with the needs of preparatory schools and educational institutions foremost in mind. With a target audience ranging from elementary through senior high school students, this innovative service supplies a grand total of over 4,800 lectures presented by instructors at leading preparatory schools and famous after-school learning centers. Whether compensating for the limited competence of student instructors, striving to differentiate from competing cram schools, monitoring progress for students missing class sessions or other supports, e-ten holds the key to resolving numerous dilemmas encountered by preparatory school operators.

  • Visual teaching materials available for recurring use until fully grasping the contents.
  • All-inclusive low-cost monthly use fee schedule, covering key teaching materials at the elementary, junior and senior high school levels.
  • Teamed up with personal note taking files, texts and problem PDF geared to enhance students’ grasp of lecture contents, for improved “seeing, listening, writing, solving and understanding” skills.
  • Learning history management system, effective in maintaining keen grasp of student learning status.
  • Home distribution function, facilitating follow-up support and home attendance for students missing classes.
  • Unrestricted application, customizable to the needs of each separate school situation.
  • Currently in use at 1,300 classrooms in 500 preparatory schools nationwide.
  • Smartphone and tablet compatible too.
  • Fully aligned with new official school teaching guidelines.