Visual Contents Keyed to Public Combined Junior / Senior High School Guidance Plans

Materials Keenly Serving the Needs of Public Combined Junior/Senior High School Aptitude Testing

In recent years, public combined junior/senior high schools have become all the rage. What’s more, the popularity of these integrated campuses is no longer limited to major urban centers but rapidly expanding to regional cities as well. Amidst the steady rise in schools with highly competitive admission rates, more and more guidance counselors are lamenting over the difficulties of preparing their students for the increasingly distinctive aptitude tests administered by these institutions.
The "Public Combined Junior/Senior High School Aptitude Test Action Plan Course" mounts a spirited response to these growing needs.
A pioneer presence in the teeming genre of visual teaching material series, this course is structured to provide the learning curriculum, videotaped lectures, explanatory videos and reference texts for the entire year’s study of sixth grade elementary school students – packaged as a meticulous instruction system.

  • Compiled under the scrupulous editorial supervision of Ittoku Hatakeyama, Director of the "DONGURI School" preparatory school and a major media presence for his penetrating analysis of public combined junior/senior high schools.
  • Full year curriculum designed for fluid instructional planning.
  • Comprehensive reference text with past aptitude test problems classified on a theme-specific basis.
  • Learning history management system, effective in maintaining keen grasp of student learning status.