“School-e” School-Oriented Learning Support Package

Online distributed visual teaching materials for use in elementary, junior and senior high school studies. Developed to meet the needs of students too busy with extracurricular activities to attend cram schools, those who want to raise their performance in weaker subjects, continue to be plagued by lingering questions difficult to bring at the current stage, want to improve in English and more. The goal is to support the regular subject instruction provided by teachers through the use of materials aligned with each student’s particular learning environment. This package is currently in use at numerous schools and after-school learning centers throughout Japan.

  • Online distribution of explanatory visuals compiled in a compact and easy to view format (10 to 12 minutes per unit).
  • As long as an Internet environment is available, viewing is possible either at home or at school, providing solid support for the five key subjects.
  • Also superb for lesson preparation and review, studies for regular tests, bolstering weaker areas and moving ahead into more advanced studies.
  • Adaptable to individual instruction keyed to the pace of each student, rooted in the four key coursework elements of “seeing”, “listening”, “writing” and “thinking”.
  • Equipped with “personal note taking files”, a feature engineered to allow elementary and junior high school students to take notes on key points and better organize their thinking.