“target60″ Junior High School Entrance Exam Teaching Materials

Our "target60" Junior High School Entrance Exam Teaching Materials Marshal the Extensive Know-How of Charismatic Instructors

As the name implies, these videotaped lecture-format teaching materials are designed to target entrance exams of junior high schools with a deviation value of 60 as the cutoff. The instructors assembled up for this series are all outstanding specialists in the junior high school entrance exam field. The materials showcase a generous compilation of the know-how that these experts have accrued through their rich and varied backgrounds. The Japanese language "Reading Comprehensive" unit was envisioned and produced by Hiroshi Deguchi, originator of the "Ronri Engine" learning method and Japan’s leading authority in hands-on guidance for contemporary writing oriented to entrance exams.

  • Working from the introductory level, academic abilities are cultivated to pass entrance exams for junior high schools adopting deviation values of 60 as the minimum level for admission.
  • Brisk, 3D instruction format, realized by projecting animated images on electronic blackboards (digital boards).
  • Reaching beyond just "looking", supplying "key point note taking memos" capable of being printed out from the distribution screen.
  • Distribution system designed for effective use in preparatory schools or at home, as well as for monitoring of student learning histories to date.