Sports Business

The physical, mental, strategic (planning), communication and other powers fostered through hope, joy, despair and the other strange and wonderful components of sports are rich in educational elements. Endeavoring to build an even stronger Japan for coming generation, we utilize exchanges with numerous different athletic related organizations to advance the quest for businesses capable of promoting fruitful human resource development.

Japan Sports Tourism Alliance

A general incorporated association active in promoting awareness of “sports tourism” (a combination of new travel and sports) – a key example of the new genre of tourism being advanced by the Japan Tourism Agency, as a means of invigorating regional economies. As a member of the alliance’s secretariat, GIGAVISION works through the operation of its website to support these efforts.

Japan Athletic Forum

A general incorporated association formed in the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 2011. Leading Japanese athletes rom numerous different sports have joined to furnish support in the disaster-stricken areas, along with development and career guidance for athletes and other related activities. As a member of the Forum’s secretariat, GIGAVISION works through the operation of the website to support these efforts.

Sports School on Web

An online learning program that has commenced with a streaming course of the “Dream Taekwondo School” taught by Sydney Olympics bronze medallist Yoriko Okamoto. The course is taken from the Sports Dream Factory website sponsored by the Athlete-Network (general incorporated association). Plans call for this online program to present a steady series of other courses taught by renowned athletes over the years to come.


A group spanning various different genres and industries, devoted to spearheading activities in support of districts damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake. The list of initiatives includes high-efficiency exercise programs capable of being performed in limited spaces, the “Walking People” program designed to teach senior citizens the correct way to walk and other worthwhile undertakings.

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